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  1. Find a Good Mentor 
    Seeking out people whose work and approach you respect as mentors for yourself is an effective way to progress your knowledge and career. As a mentor who has worked in real-life scenarios, they will have plenty of experiences and education to pass on. They will guide you through career choices and help identify opportunities for growth. In addition, joining a mentorship program will demonstrate your eagerness to learn which is an attractive trait for potential employers 
    2. Speak up with confidence 
    It may be intimidating to be the only woman in the room. However, it is important not to give in to those thoughts. Rather, remind yourself of your goals and be confident of your skills. Voice your thoughts and ideas. If you have an idea, make sure it is heard. If you don’t agree, speak up. By having a voice, you will be able to influence people around you and guide with your knowledge 
    3. Never stop learning 
    Pay attention to your weaknesses and areas you have knowledge gaps. Improve and widen your skills by looking into training in those areas. Expand your skill set by taking advantage of development opportunities around you. Doing this will help you gain a wider understanding of the business you work in. 
    3. Communicate effectively 
    Communication leads to productive and successful teams. Articulate your ideas, raise concerns you may have and ask questions. It is also important to have regular communication with your manager and the whole team to make sure everyone is on the same page 
    5. Build a support system 
    It is easy to fall into self-doubt when the workforce is male-dominated with the lack of female representation. Having those around you who share similar journeys or goals as you really makes a difference. You can find a community of women in the field to turn to by attending women empowerment conferences, networking events or tech meetups. 
    6. Ask for feedback and embrace criticism 
    View constructive criticism as opportunities for you to grow. Without somebody pointing them out, you may be ignorant of your blind spots and hinder yourself from improving. Knowing your strengths, on the contrary, can give you confidence and ensure yourself to let them shine in the things you do.
    7. Types of avenues to get into the tech industry 
    With the tech sector growing, there is a lack of understanding about roles or jobs in the industry that may be preventing women from joining. Tech is a vast field so it is important to consider where to focus on. Here are several different types of roles in tech you may be involved in:  
    • Programmer – You write codes that allow computer and software programs to function properly. This may involve turning program designs into instructions that the computer can follow. It is like learning a new language which you can eventually use to create digital tools people can interact with. 
    • Technical sales – With a robust understanding of how businesses use IT, you may sell hardware products or extol business benefits of software and services. From taking phone calls to going to conferences and drafting proposals, you have the willingness and determination to help customers find solutions with your thorough tehcnical understanding of the product. 
    • User experience (UX) designer – You research and design systems that create seamless and clear user experience by focusing on aesthetics, user engagement and usability. You may work closely with web  developers who have sufficient knowledge of the technical areas. 
    • Data scientist – With a skill in maths, statistics and programming, you will be turning huge amounts of data into valauble insights for businesses. It is important for businesses to make right decisions and uncover solutions. 
    • Security engineer – As security is a huge concern as businesses are becoming more digitalised, companies need people who strategize ways to protect information and prevent breaches (Carr, 2021). 
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