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Help grow the Secret Sisterhood to its one million women dream. Together, we can enact great social change; one sister at a time.

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Share All Our Secrets

Is there a part of the Sisterhood that you particularly love? Share it!

Founding Sisters

Our Founding Sisters are our avatars for change, our leaders for equality, and champions of love.

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Secret Jewellery

Share with your sisters our range of gorgeous jewellery that supports women's causes.

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Secret Discounts

The businesses that support the Secret Sisterhood, where you and your sisters can get discounts.

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Secret Compliments

Let your loved ones know that they can get free compliment cards to spread the love.

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Our Mission

Spread the Secret Sisterhood's Mission in how we're all coming together in solidarity.

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Secret Shop

Show others how to shop for good with the Secret Sisterhood abd treat yourselves!

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Founding Sister Jewellery

Share our Founding Sister jewllery, an exclusive and limited-run range of 'Secret'.

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Symbol Jewellery

Empower your sisters with our Sisterhood Symbol that represents our movement.

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Intentional Jewellery

Accessorise with your sisters with jewellery that spreads Love, Peace, Kindness, and Gratitude.

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Shopping for Good

Buy our beautiful symbolic jewellery that shows your support for women. For yourself and as a gift for others. 100% of all
profits go to women’s charities.

Visit our Shop to find more gorgeous Jewellery
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