Frequently Asked Questions

Here you'll find our most common questions and answers. If these don't cover your query, please contact us directly via our help and support page.


What is the story behind the Secret Sisterhood?
After viewing first-hand the injustices of women abroad, our founder Jacquie Love and her partner Colin Fabig decided to build a modern business in the form of a positive, empowering, and uplifting women’s movement that gives 100% of its profits to women’s charities. You can find out more on our about us page.

Is the Secret Sisterhood religious?
We are agnostic and try very hard to not have any religious leanings. Our staff is comprised of a diverse bunch and we are all gathered purely to further and help women. Even the charities we partner with (which you can find more about on our mission page), on establishing our channel of profit giving, we make sure that our funding is not used to convert.

What’s with the secrecy?
The idea of a secret society has been with us since the dawn of time. We thought it was time for a universal, secret girls club. When we founded the Sisterhood we wanted to make it exciting and fun. A community that starts off with secrets symbols that can make us feel that we're part of something bigger than ourselves. And whenever there is a secret, let’s face it, everyone wants in on it. And that our ultimate aim, to get as many women and girls as possible into the Sisterhood, supporting, uplifting and empowering one another. You can read more on our home page.

Are you a non-profit charity?
No, we are not. We are a social enterprise set up to run like a modern business that competes with every other for-profit retailer in the value department, but still pursues all the altruistic channels by giving away 100% of our profits. We do not ask for donations, we are not our charity ourselves but instead give to others for a consolidated/centralised effort for greater impact, and we run on incredibly tight waist belts.

Other companies give 5% or 10% of their profits to charity. How do you give away 90%?
It is core to our beliefs that as a social enterprise for purpose, we must be making an effective difference in the world. Right now. Straight away. The Secret Sisterhood was not set up to make huge, sweeping profits in the image of women’s causes; we would have decreased our allocations from 90% if that were the case. To answer the question bluntly, we run a very small and tight team where everybody wears many hats. We often have long hours (especially during our launch!) and our staff live and breathe this cause intensely passionately. What is important to note is the ‘90% of profits’ clause and what a ‘profit’ means. This is a grey area that we do not hide from. Even if we do not make a profit, we have allocated what is essentially another salary dedicated to funding our charity partners. That’s right, even if we don’t make a single dollar, we’re still giving. This is unheard of but so to the essence of what we’re trying to do, it is not even a question for us.


I have ordered something. What next?
You’ll get an order confirmation email from us. It is pink and thanks you for supporting the Secret Sisterhood. We ship twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so your order will be packed and sent out the next. When this happens, you’ll get a dispatch email usually with a tracking code for you to watch your order make its way to you. You can also always check the status of your order (as well as reprint your invoice that’s included in your delivery) by logging in and heading over to the my orders page.

I have a pre-sale or post-sale question. How do I contact you?
Help yourself to our help and support page. We’re a tightly run and tiny team, but we’ll endeavour to get to your question by the next business day!

Can I pick up my order?
No. We do not offer pick-ups at this time because we’re a tiny team! But our shipping rates are very competitive.

How can I change or cancel an order?
Since we ship every Tuesday and Thursday, if you get in contact with us before those days, we can try and intercept your order and make the necessary arrangements. If it has been shipped out to you, I’m afraid there’s nothing much we can do about that. It’s with the couriers now!

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we do! Our checkout process fully supports international orders. You’ll be charged in Australian dollars as we’re an Australian company, but you’ll be able to choose between paying with either Stripe or PayPal – whichever you think gives you the better exchange rate.

What happens if my order is lost in transit?
Once our courier has confirmed with us that they’ve lost your order, we’ll send you another one at no extra cost. Sisters have got to stick together. You’ve done a great thing by supporting the sisterhood and women’s causes. We’ll do nothing but reward you.

Do you offer exchanges or refunds?
For unopened and unused items, we are happy to accept exchanges and refunds. You’ll have to post them back to us (we’re sorry, but we don’t cover that cost!) and our refund will be issued once your goods have passed inspection. For exchanges, we’ll get in touch with what you want. For refunds, your payment will be reversed. Should your returned items not pass inspection because they’ve clearly been worn, we’ll post them straight back to you with notice.

What payment methods do you support?
We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express through Stripe and PayPal. You can also fund your PayPal account with your bank account, however, we do not accept direct bank wires. We are a very small and tightly run team, and we’ve got to ask that our systems do all the processing.


How do I update my account details?
You can do so on the ‘my accounts’ page, after logging in. Within it, you can see your orders, update your addresses, manage your saved payment methods (which are done through Stripe), your account details (like your password), as well as control your affiliate area if you’ve become one with us. For anything that you can’t self-serve, get in contact with our helpful staff.

What is your affiliate programme?
To help spread the altruistic pursuit of the Secret Sisterhood, we are running an affiliate programme where sisters can earn 10% commission on every purchase that they have referred. You can find out more in our affiliate area.

How do I subscribe to/unsubscribe to your emails?
You can subscribe to our emails by joining the Secret Sisterhood (registering an account). We’ll send you messages of empowerment, nice little get motivated/uplifted notes, our scoops/updates/promotions as we release them, and important emails like your order confirmation and tracking details.

You’ll find an ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of all our promotional emails. Click that to stop receiving those emails.

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