This is the Secret Sisterhood's version of a Leaderboard!

For every positive action here at the Secret Sisterhood, your account earns Karma Cupcakes. What are karma Cupcakes? A fun way to quantify your involvement and for us to thank you for your involvement in this great cause.

The Podium

Here's our top three Sisters with the most Karma Cupcakes. (And you!)

PositionAliasKarma Cupcakes
1Anne Payne51,612
2Tammy Vassallo49,041
3Lindi Loo42,522
You can earn Karma Cupcakes for:

Here at the Secret Sisterhood, we believe in karma where by spreading love, peace, kindness, and gratitude, we'll be able to make the world a brighter place.

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Top 50 Sisters

And here's the rest to show the top 50 most fabulous Sisters.

PositionAliasKarma Cupcakes
5Tina Camilleri35,842
6Kelly O'Riley24,752
8Jacquie Love24,101
9Jeanette Donoghue23,790
10Rebecca Hamilton23,663
11Kristina Cook20,816
12Sheera Gersh20,571
13Alison Lam20,297
14Natasha Capurso19,328
16Veronica Briggs19,183
17Ann McGrath18,716
18Kath Carlisle17,717
19Danielle Dew16,886
20Amely Au15,819
21Libby Perry15,817
22Tash Poynton15,398
23Cherrie Rolph15,371
24Lexi Whitehead14,928
25Rita Revell14,737
26Delia Dillion13,828
27Alexandra Murphy-Jelley13,827
28Maria Xanthos13,816
29Sue Hall13,813
31Marilyn Kearney13,475
32Andrea Frankish13,434
34Melanie Burroughs12,924
35Sarah Dagenais12,924
36Pambela Gum12,917
37Suzie Ahern12,913
38Clare Trombetta12,913
39Barbara Huggins12,912
40Dez Nyob12,325
43Barbara Huggins9,411
45Casey Gillam8,975
47Corey James8,816
48Natalie Thurlow8,806
49Lyndall Eaton8,740

Are you a leader for women?

We’re giving the title 'Founding Sister of the Secret Sisterhood' to everyone who purchases our limited edition Founding Sister Necklace or Bracelet. Your name and Founding Sister title will be included (or not if you so choose) on our website under 'Founding Sisters'. We need your help to found and champion our movement of Sisterhood.

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