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Australia-wide in Fairfax Newspapers

Millennials research shows younger generation has appetite for social change and welfare

THEY’VE been dubbed the “smashed avo” generation but it turns out millennials might actually be more charitable and socially driven than any other age group that has come before them.

Millennial Jacquie Love was inspired to launch a social enterprise after travelling to India in 2016. After seeing the atrocities girls as young as 11 were forced to endure, the 22-year-old created her business Secret Sisterhood, which sells jewellery and donates 90 per cent of the profits.

“Small changes make a big difference, businesses are quite lucky they have a lot of resources to give back,” she said.

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Fundraising and Philanthropy

Secret Sisterhood bringing women together

Entrepreneur Jacquie Love has launched Secret Sisterhood, which has a strategy in place to create a community of one million women globally by 2023. The organisation has received $250,000 in funding from Jacquie Love, with support from angel investor and serial entrepreneur Colin Fabig, co-founder and former Chairman of LivingSocial ANZ.

The Secret Sisterhood vows to contribute 90% of profits to charities that fight against the exploitation of women around the world. Love said, “Initially, we will build our community of women and girls by spreading love, kindness and compliments offline and online, through social media initiatives and secret gatherings, to create a sense of belonging to a cause greater than themselves.”

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Internet Retailing

Founder of group buying site backs new social enterprise

Australian entrepreneur Jacquie Love has launched an online jewellery business and social enterprise, Secret Sisterhood, with financial backing from angel investor Colin Fabig, co-founder of Jump On It, an Australian group buying site acquired by LivingSocial in 2012.

Following the model of brands such as Thankyou water, Who Gives a Crap toilet paper, Crepes for Change, Home Care Heroes and My Green World, Secret Sisterhood will contribute 90 per cent of profits to charities that fight against the exploitation of women and gender inequality around the world.

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13/7/2017Internet Retailing

8/7/2017Daily Telegraph

8/7/2017Herald Sun

8/7/2017Gold Coast Bulletin

8/7/2017Geelong Advertiser

8/7/2017The Mercury

8/7/2017NT News

8/7/2017Courier Mail

8/7/2017Cairns Post

8/7/2017The Weekly Times

8/7/2017Townsville Bulletin


7/7/2017Adelaide Now


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