Secret Jewellery

Your are Shopping for Good, because 100% of all profits go to our supporting charities for women's causes.

We have created some gorgeous jewellery so you can show your support of the Sisterhood.

By wearing our beautiful creations you are showing women and girls all over the world that you are with them. This jewellery represents the beginning of our Sisterhood movement, a movement that will help end gender inequality.

It's a win-win-win. As Sisters you win by enjoying our beautiful jewellery and services. It is also a win for women and girls in need as your shopping is making a difference. 100% of all profits of the Secret Sisterhood goes to our charity partners. And it is also a win for the team behind Secret Sisterhood as we get to do what we love, making the world a better place for everyone.

Founding Sister Jewellery

Be one of our first champions with this limited edition jewellery and be forever known as a Founding Sister.

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Sister Symbol Jewellery

For those that wish to show their support of the Sisterhood and wear our secret symbol to spread the word.

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Intentional Jewellery

Love, kindness, gratitude and peace. Spread these positive energies with our intentional jewellery range.

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Shopping for Good

Buy our beautiful symbolic jewellery that shows your support for women. For yourself and as a gift for others. 100% of all
profits go to women’s charities.

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