Secret Sisterhood Affiliate Programme

Join our affiliates program and you can make money by referring new members to the Secret Sisterhood.

Simply sign up below and we’ll provide you with all you need to get started helping us give back to women’s causes and making yourself a little pocket money in the process.

To help spread the altruistic pursuit of the Secret Sisterhood, we are running an affiliate programme where sisters can earn 10% commission on every purchase that they have referred.

How does this work? Well, after registering to be apart of this programme and being approved, you will have a unique link to share. Anybody that comes in through that link and makes a purchase through our secret shop will have 10% of our order given to you.

So if a new sister buys a Founding Sister Necklace for $129, you get $12.90 sent to your PayPal account at the end of every month when we sit down and do our accounting work!

It makes especially good sense to be an affiliate if you are:

  • are a girls school teacher or lecturer
  • run a women's group
  • run a business that has mainly women clients like hair salons or beauticians
  • work with a lot of women
  • work as a manager of women
  • coach women or girls sports teams
  • network in a women's business club
  • are a women's educator or trainer
  • are in a large community of women
  • are in a church group of women

Remember that the Secret Sisterhood exists to give 100% of its profits to women's causes. We hope to grow this proverbial philanthropic pie by extending such affiliate programmes to sisters like you.

Notice: We only offer to pay out affiliate commissions via PayPal currently. All affiliate registrations must be approved by a staff member of the Secret Sisterhood. This usually takes 2-3 business days.

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