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Self-love is the balance between accepting yourself as you are while knowing you deserve better and then working towards it” – Vex King.

Did you know that self-love is the best medicine for happiness? When we love ourselves, life will begin to love us back. Self-love is essential if one wishes to live a harmonious life. 

The reason? 

Self-love is a foundational tenet of many psychological interventions. By being good to ourselves, we are also improving our mental well-being. Through self-love, we will see the world through a more positive lens, and it gives us the ability to have a more positive attitude towards life!

But what does it mean to have self-love? 

The term self-love can mean many different things. Self-love is confident, caring and warm. Self-love is also seen as a state of appreciation for oneself. Self-love also means taking care of our own needs and not sacrificing ourselves to please others. Self-love also means having a high regard for our well-being and happiness. 

When it comes to self-love, think about it as you think about what it means to love someone else unconditionally. 

Here are three essential techniques that you should do to practise self-love!

Stop comparing ourselves with others

In social psychology, upward social comparison refers to when we compare ourselves to someone who is perceived to be better than we are. If we keep comparing ourselves with others, we will never feel grateful for what we have.

Looking to others for inspiration is fine, but there’s a difference between inspiration and envy- Vex King.

Value your inner beauty

Always remember that your value does not lie in the way your body looks! You are valuable not because of how you look, but because you are You! So wear whatever makes you feel good about yourself! 

Be kind to yourself

Speak kindly to yourself! Try this method! Every morning before you do any other activities, try saying these words: ” I am smart”, ” I am beautiful”, “I am fearless”, “I am strong”. 


Self-love is known to be the key to happiness. It helps us see the world through a more positive lens. Try following these three simple techniques and see their benefits! 

Written By: Mandy