Bring Intention to your Life

Become the change you wish to see in the world. Let's spread Love, Peace, Kindness, Gratitude by bringing it into our everyday.

Jewellery that spreads
Love, Peace, Kindness, and Gratitude.

Intentional Jewellery is our third collection for the Secret Sisterhood.

We have created a stunning set of necklaces and bracelets that show off our feminine values of the Secret Sisterhood. By wearing these pieces you are setting your intention for the day whilst also spreading messages of positivity into the world.

Words are very influential and powerful. Everything in our world manifests from the words we speak, read, hear and see. Secret Sisterhood wishes to spread Love, Kindness, Gratitude and Peace far and wide. Join us in making the world a better place by wearing these words everyday.


Love is the most important attribute in life. Love creates a sense of belonging and happiness. Every person on this earth deserves to feel loved and to be loved.


Peace is the essence of our existence. Without peace we are not able to live a full life of dreams and self expression. When there is peace, life can be celebrated.


Kindness is a deep sense of understanding others with a caring attitude. We believe that if everyone acted with Kindness the world would be a different place.


Gratitude can change the way we view the world. By expressing Gratitude you create a positive mind that will then create positive actions. Anger cannot be felt when Gratitude is present.

What's the Intention?

Our intention is to flood the world with rivers of Love, Peace, Kindness and Gratitude. Through our products, events, services and social media, we wish to be this change.

All our products, services and events will have meaning, intention and purpose. Life is short so it's time we focus on the things that really matter to us. Words create culture and unfortunately we live in a world, where our media creates a world of fear and distrust.

Let us take control of what we wish to see in the world. Let's talk about love, being in love, feeling love. Let's talk about the kindness we see and notice. A smile, a touch, or simply a small favour. Let's talk about gratitude and how incredible it is to have been born. Let's appreciate our skills and our talents. Let's talk about peace and how if peace took over the world, we would be living in a completely different place.

Let us bring the intention of more Love, Peace, Kindness and Gratitude in the world.

Shopping for Good

Buy our beautiful symbolic jewellery that shows your support for women. For yourself and as a gift for others. 100% of all
profits go to women’s charities.

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