Secret Mission

Joining women and girls together so we can create great social and economic change.

The Secret Sisterhood was founded upon the belief that if women and girls come together they can eliminate gender inequality.

Our mission as a social enterprise is to provide a supportive and uplifting community for women and girls (and the men that love them). We believe that every person deserves to feel as though they have a safe space.

We believe that by being a social enterprise it allows us to enact our value of win-win-win:
  • You, the sister, receive value equal to for-profit businesses and retail outlets.
  • Them, the women of the world, receive 100% of our profits channelled through the charities we support.
  • Us, the sisterhood, is able to grow and support our amazing team.

Founding Sisters

We wouldn't be here if it weren't for our beautiful founding sisters who champion our cause.

Our Founding Sisters

Our Goals

Join us and become a new century millionaire; someone who betters a million lives.

Reduce Sexual Trafficking

27 million people have been trafficked globally. 4 out of 5 of these victims are girls.

We believe that every young girl deserves a life of freedom and unfortunately this is denied for so many. We believe that no one should be bought or sold.

Reduce Violence Against Women

1 in 3 women worldwide have experienced sexual violence.

We believe no one should be put into danger because of their gender. We also believe that no woman should be in danger within her home or community

Equal Education

62 million girls are denied an education around the world.

We believe that every person deserves to live to their fullest potential no matter what their gender. We believe education is the key to lifting generations out of poverty. 

Equal Opportunity

Only 50% of women of the working age are in the work force compared to 77% of men. 

We believe that women and men should be granted equal opportunities within the workforce. We believe that if more women were in leadership roles, the world would change. 

Secret Social Enterprise

Sisterhood is a secret social enterprise because we believe businesses can change the world. We believe that social enterprise can change the world we live in. Why? Because businesses can now run for purpose.

There are enough resources on earth to comfortably provide for every human being. However half the population are still living in poverty; on less than $2.50 a day. That is why we believe something needs to change. We believe that social enterprise can literally change the world we live in. It's about using the resources that we already have available to us and distributing them properly. Businesses make profits, and instead of those profits going to the one percent they can be directed towards those in need. Our social enterprise is run for-profits. We wish to make as much profits as we can, because the more profits we generate, the more we can give back! 

Secret Sisterhood is super exciting to us, as us girls can now give back and shop at the same time! We don't have to feel guilty anymore about buying cute, little presents for ourselves and our friends as we know the money we have spent will help other women in need. We also believe that no one should miss out in life. If you give, you will also receive. 

And that is why we believe Social Enterprises will change the game. If we can empower, uplift and inspire women through our usual shopping habits, then why not?

Our Values

We are a values based business. We think the world will be a better place with these values. We will promote these values throughout our organisation, our team, our social media, our website, our products, events  and services. Please join us.  


We believe that love is the most profound experience in the world. That is why everything that we do at Secret Sisterhood comes from a place of love and care. We want every woman and girl in the world to know she is loved.


We believe that one kind word can change someone's day. Kindness is so important because we are all sharing this journey called life together. In our kindness we can inspire kindness in others, therefore making the world a more positive place. 


We believe that we all need to be appreciative of what we are given in life. Everyone has something to be grateful for, no matter how big or small. Life is pretty amazing when you have a look around.


We believe spreading peace into the world is so important. Without peace no one is able to follow their Dreams. Peace begins inside ourselves. So we wish for Peace in our hearts, Peace in all hearts. Peace in our country, Peace in all countries. Peace in our world, Peace in all worlds. Peace.


We believe that there is abundance in life. We believe that there are enough resources to go around for all people and that no one should settle for anything less. If we help create an abundance mentality in the world, we create a space to be more loving, caring and kind. 


We believe no one should miss out in life. Our Sisters win by receiving great products and experiences. Disadvantaged women are helped as we give 100% of our profits to them. And our Sisterhood team is rewarded as they can work for purpose and get paid.

Partial Truths

We believe everyone can only see their own perspective. However, if we all come together and begin sharing our perspectives and stories, we can slowly begin to see the the whole picture. 


As much as we would like to, we understand that we cannot help and appeal to everyone. However, helping even just one person, will make a world of difference to them.

Better Together

We believe that things get better when people come together. By using our individual skills and talents we can create change. Collaboration not competition. 

Are you a leader for women?

We’re giving the title 'Founding Sister of the Secret Sisterhood' to everyone who purchases our limited edition Founding Sister Necklace or Bracelet. Your name and Founding Sister title will be included (or not if you so choose) on our website under 'Founding Sisters'. We need your help to found and champion our movement of Sisterhood.

Become a Founding Sister
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