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Creating a massive global community of sustainable giving, through the selling of beautiful products, services and events, helping to end gender inequality.

The Secret Sisterhood was started in early 2017,
by Jacquie Love and Colin Fabig.

Jacquie went to India in 2016, with “’Stop the Traffik’, a charity that works in the red-light districts of Delhi and Mumbai to rescue and rehabilitate girls from sex trafficking. After seeing how hundreds of thousands of ten-year-old girls are taken from their families and lured into the sex trade, it was a wakeup call to do something about it.

On returning to Sydney, she discussed with her partner Colin what they could do to help. As creative and business personalities, starting a charity seemed constrictive and not within their skill sets.

After learning about social enterprises - businesses that are created to solve social problems, they decided to start a business that created beautiful products, services and events for women and would distribute 100% of all profits to women’s charities. This would allow them to do what they do best, the creative and business stuff. And instead, the business would support those doing the charity work on the ground, by creating a sustainable cash flow for them. A win-win-win for all.

Above: Jacquie meets Mohammed Yunus, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, and CEO of the Grameen Foundation, a social enterprise that funds 8 million women micropreneurs across South East Asia.

Team Behind the Secret Sisterhood

The Secret Sisterhood flourishes because of its volunteers, Founding Sisters, and these wonderful people.


Jacquie Love - Founder

Jacquie has always been passionate about women’s causes. After completing a Fashion Degree at the University of Technology in Sydney, she was on the road to becoming a famous fashion designer (or so her partner thinks), when she went to India and realised her life mission was to help women and girls in need. Within Secret Sisterhood Jacquie looks after all things creative as she believes everything in life should be pretty. She loves living with her partner Colin and also likes to travel, make her own clothes, party too much (or so Colin thinks) and has been known to enjoy the odd Aperol Spritz.


Colin Fabig - Founder

Colin is a serial entrepreneur and the soul mate of Jacquie Love. Colin has been a serial internet entrepreneur for over 25 years, founding and selling 6 companies and mentoring others. Colin was on sabbatical, waiting for the next opportunity, when Jacquie approached with the idea of the Secret Sisterhood. As a lifelong feminist and armchair social justice warrior, he decided it was time to start taking action to help end gender inequality. Colin brings the business end of the business to the Secret Sisterhood. Colin is happily divorced with beautiful teen and tween daughters. He is a fantastic beach volleyball player (or so Jacquie thinks), who once won a breakdancing competition (or so he says), and has been known to party and having the occasional Aperol Spritz.


Ray Hoang - Head of Digital

Ray is a software developer who has helped build a handful of start-ups and businesses across finance, tech, and legal. Spurred by the inequality a close friend of his was experiencing, Ray joined the Secret Sisterhood for its altruistic pursuits hoping to engineer a powerful platform that makes things better. As the in-house tech guy, Ray mostly fidgets with the website and anything that bleeps or bloops (even though he has no idea what he is doing and is making it up as he goes). Outside of the Sisterhood, Ray lives with his partner in their fastidiously furnished home hoping to live a thousand lives through books and video games, all the while flying high the rainbow flag.


Sarita Thomas - Buying and Supply Chain Manager

Sarita is the Buying and Supply chain Manager and has joined with a wealth of fashion buying experience. She felt passionately about using her knowledge and skills for a more meaningful purpose and in particular empowering and uplifting women! Sarita wears many hats in her role from sourcing product, managing the supply chain, customer service and may even be found in the post room packing orders! She loves all things Zen and outside the office has interests in meditation, yoga and crystals.


Tamara Dee - Business Development Manager

Tamara is our passionate Business Development Manager, having collaborated with Colin early 2009, Tamara’s passion grew for helping businesses establish customer identity and businesses purpose have seen her successfully empowering over 600 businesses from 2009 to 2013. Tamara’s inspiration for our sisterhood movement evolved from her personal life experiences, creating a survivor and true sisterhood crusader! Giving her greater life purpose Tamara personally values our vision and dreams, going out of her way in creating purpose for all business’s with her superstar sales and marketing skills.


Smudge - Security Officer

Smudge is the dedicated and hard-lounging security officer that ensures proper compliant security is maintained at the Secret Sisterhood’s office. He is a good boy. After leaving the K9 training programme and police dog unit to found his own security firm, Smudge came on-board full-time to bring his many dog years of experience in perimeter reporting, intel retrieval, and information fetching to guarantee that the Secret Sisterhood stays as its intended protected sanctuary for women. This Spoodle never really stops working in how he's constantly sniffing and double checking the office but will indulge in ad-hoc affirmative team-building exercises like pats.


Ming and Mao - Creative Officers

Ming and Mao, the creative Siamese/Tonkinese dual, ensure continued purrfessional practice and harmony within the Secret Sisterhood office. Often found as sound boards for the other members of staff, these two are the dark innovation horses in-house, often bringing mew, fresh perspectives to our ongoing projects and being those angels on our shoulders steering us away from catastrophes. Having previously held similar positions at popular magazine, Vanity Fur, these two bring many lives worth of experience in keeping the Secret Sisterhood’s product line high-end and competitive haute-cat-ture.

We're always looking for talent

Are you passionate about women's causes or think you can bring your distinct expertise to the Secret Sisterhood? Come volunteer or work for us and become part of our talent pool.

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