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2022 has just begun and let’s succeed this year with a fresh new start. The past years have been tough and unprecedented times, so let’s walk into 2022 with some healthy habits.   
Practicing Gratitude
Reminding yourself of all the blessings you receive can improve your mood. Being grateful can really change your outlook of the little things, and understand why certain things happen. You can start this by writing in your diary or journal before you go to bed and recall all the things that happened that day and you appreciated. Benefits of practicing gratitude allow you to have a positive mindset and have the motivation to work hard for what you want. Daily, weekly, or monthly, it’s amazing what gratitude can do to lead you into the right mindset towards the life you want.
 Meal Prepping
Planning out your meals may be a hassle, but it is worth it for many reasons. Staying healthy, saving money, and being organised are just a few of the benefits of planning your food. While tracking your macros keeps you aware of the amount of calories, meal prepping is also great to understand what nutrients you need, consuming a balanced amount of vegetables, meat and carbs, but also make it easy to prep everything weekly rather than daily. This habit allows you to have more control over your diet, and saves you so much more time.  
Investing in fitness equipment for your home 
Thinking about buying that Peloton? Well now’s your time to shine and get fit at home in 2022. If going to the gym is a hassle, why not invest your own fitness equipment in the luxury of your own home. While it can be pricey, there are plenty of reasons why you should purchase some equipment for 2022. Organising your time to workout will be easier, not feeling uncomfortable of being around too many people, and of course, choosing to do workouts without having to wait for someone else using the machine or equipment. 
Recycle some old clothes
Does it still spark joy? Getting rid of clothes hidden in the back of your closet is always a great start to the year as you can declutter your room for more organisation. While hand-me-downs and donating your clothes are always great ideas, why not recycle them? Try to undo them apart, get your sewing machine and get to redesigning it into something new. Doing this not only stops filling up landfill, but it also saves you some money by using your imagination. 
Use SPF daily
Slip slop slap! It’s important to put sunscreen on your body when you go to the beach, but it’s also important to take care of your face and skin everyday. Finding 50+ SPF creams to use underneath your makeup will still keep you looking good, and also avoid ultraviolet rays which cause sun damage and skin cancer. Benefits of wearing sunscreen daily can also save you years of sun damage for many years to come, so don’t forget to add it to your morning routine this year. 
Master a healthy sleep routine 
Tracking your sleep daily can be tough, but making sure you get enough rest everyday can give you the boost of energy you need for the working days ahead. Setting alarm times, taking a warm bath, reading before bed and not using your phone before sleeping are great ideas that can assist you to setting a better sleep schedule. 8 hours is the general average of any human needs, so let’s start 2022 with a fresh and clean sleep routine to get ready for work the next day!
Wear a pair of blue-light lens glasses
Investing in a pair of blue-light lens glasses is always a great choice. While we are glued to our tech devices in every task we do daily, it is also important to take care of our eye health. Benefits of wearing these glasses can relieve eye discomfort and avoid digital eye strains. They also alleviate the discomfort of the amount of time we use our devices and also improve your sleep patterns better. 
Written by Janaya Hacinas