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Mother’s Day is a happy day for most but it can also be a very difficult day for those who have lost a mother or motherly figure. Not having a mother around for most of my life, this day was always quite difficult for me, especially in the weeks leading up to the day. There are constant reminders everywhere you look such as ads, social media posts, and even conversations with acquaintances. It is a holiday that is quite unavoidable, so whether  this is you or you know someone who may be feeling this way, here are some tips that  I use to get through the day. 
Recognise your feelings 
Use the day as a day of reflection; the day might always bring on these emotions, they might not go away completely but it will feel easier with time.  
Spend time with family or friends 
Spending time with loved ones can make you feel better and is a lovely distraction. 
Talk to your support circle 
Let them know how you are feeling. It’s important to talk about your feelings and to not let them bottle up inside. 
Show your appreciation to your mother figures  
This is something that I love to do, even though my Mum isn’t around, I have a lot of  supportive female figures in my life (even my Dad) who I like to show my appreciation to. Sometimes it’s a card, a pot plant, flowers, or even just a text.  
Avoid social media 
Social media can bring on some negative emotions due to all the mothers day posts.  If you know it is going to upset you, just log out for the day.  
Do something symbolic  
Create new traditions, this could be something you do to honor your mum such as doing something you used to do together or visiting her favorite place. It could also be  self-care practices to make yourself feel better, writing in a journal, taking a long bath, getting your nails done, anything that you love to do, Celebrate yourself!  
How to help someone you know without a mum 
If there is someone in your life that you know without a mum, there are a few things  you can do to help.  
Check-in on them 
Just let them know you are there to talk and if they don’t want to, that’s okay too. 
Make plans with them 
If you aren’t spending the whole day with your own mum, just check-in and see if they want to do something. 
Be more aware of your words 
This is something that you should be aware of around them in general. Try to avoid complaining about small issues you might be having with your Mum. 
Use it as a reminder of how lucky you are 
You are so lucky if you have a supportive mother in your life, acknowledge everything she does for you and let her know how much you appreciate her. 
By: Jasmine