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As a white cis-gender woman suffering from gender discrimination it is important to remember that marginalisation differs greatly for women facing further oppression. It seems easy to say we as women must stand together in the face of gender inequality, but for this, we need to make a safe and inclusive space for ALL women. Intersectional Feminism is key to furthering our stance of unity, it takes into account the different ways women face oppression. Often ‘white feminism’ overshadows the further injustices that women of colour, LBTQI+ women, and other minority groups face, it is our job as white women to acknowledge that discrimination has many forms. Intersectional Feminism provides a framework to draw a connection between all fights for liberation and justice. Not only is it important for us as women to stand together against gender discrimination, but we must also work collectively to fight against all oppression. Experiencing gender discrimination is the door to acknowledging the root of all inequalities, a way to band together as marginalised communities to push against all oppression.

Imagine if all women took a united stance against gender biases, we are so much stronger in numbers and we have the power to create real change. Emily Hamann, a trans woman, student, and activist sums this up perfectly, stating “Trying to survive and thrive as women living in a sexist society is not easy. But our strongest assets in this struggle are the support and solidarity of other women. Autonomous women’s spaces and organisations, run by women for women, provide us with the opportunity to connect, heal, and grow in an environment safe from misogynistic violence.”

The devastating effects of marginalisation of trans women from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds is evident in a recent study from Australia’s National Research Organisation for Women’s Safety. The study found that these women are almost 20% “more likely to suffer multiple instances of sexual harassment than other women”.

The solution to gender inequality is not achieved through a one-size-fits-all framework, this is where Intersectional Feminism allows us to view the world from beyond our own personal experiences. We can better understand how different forms of marginalisation expand and amplify one another to provide a more inclusive platform to voice gender injustices. We must stand as allies for all marginalised women, not speaking on their behalf, but providing a platform for them to share their own injustices.

 At Secret Sisterhood we make space for ALL women, we stand in solidarity with women who face further oppression, and we will continue to ally for our sisters near and far. We acknowledge that discrimination has many formsWe hope you will stand with us, we hope you will also create space for ALL women and we hope together united we can continue to fight for gender equality!

By: Talea Szabo