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Kristina “Kricket” Amber is a beauty therapist, mind body wellness coach, an international retreat facilitator, speaker, mother of two lovely girls and much more. She is one of the many women we admire. With her lifestyle and work, she inspires women and girls every day.

In the next paragraphs you will read about her story, her motherhood and her passion about women’s empowerment.


Can you tell us how everything started and developed? Where did your passion come from?

“Growing up I always felt different to those around me. This affected my self-esteem enormously leaving me feeling not good enough in so many areas in my life which played out in my world through developing an eating disorder. It took many years to realise that fighting self-worth issues only on the physical is extremely detrimental to our mental health”.

During her healing journey, Kricket realized she wanted to help other girls who experienced low self-esteem, body image issues and negative self-talk. In her path she crossed with a counsellor who encouraged her to study ‘Gestalt Psychotherapy’.

“After two and a half years studying, I followed on gaining a certification under the Institute of the ‘Psychology of Eating’. This course was like a breath of fresh air to me. This holistic approach to food, bodies and our inner self was validating my own healing journey. I then went on to study ‘Wellness Coaching’. I truly believe when we work on healing our relationship with ourselves and follow what brings us joy, stars align, and opportunities arise. From there I learnt to listen to my heart more than my head and opened a centre in a buzzing suburb on the Central Coast”. 

“Connecting with clients and other people in the industry opened other doors including presenting talks at schools on mindfulness, emotional resilience and maintaining a positive mindset alongside presenting talks to numerous businesses”.

She got into the retreat industry co facilitating on Women’s Wellness Retreats. This gave her the courage to begin her own business ‘Well Fit Breaks’, where they take women to Bali to immerse them in wellness, fitness and fun.

As you told us, your passion for this lifestyle comes from your own life experiences. What have you learnt from them?

“I have learnt that not believing everything we think is a great place to start in feeling empowered in who you are. We are fed a lot of false and unempowering information from the media and unreliable sources when we are young and that can end up turning into dangerous beliefs in our minds”.

Kristina has confidence that believing in these thoughts and let them influence ourselves can be detrimental to our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. 

“When we learn to listen to our inner coach more than our inner critics, we can learn how to have a healthier relationship with our inner selves and when we feel good on the inside this has a positive effect on everything else in our lives”.

What is the most difficult part to inspire your girls to have a better relationship with food, wellness and their inner self?

“The most difficult part are the pressures and the unhealthy influences out in the world. With lots of contradicting advice I just try to create the space to keep the conversations going and try to listen to how they feel. Not getting caught up with the outside influences in regard to body image and modelling a healthy relationship towards food and wellness is my aim. I really believe we can tell our kids 1,000 times a day to love who they are, to eat healthy and move their bodies but, if we are not modelling this or don’t feel good in who we are, they won’t know how to do it in their own lives. Mainly it is just to be real”.

“I let my girls know it is normal not to want to always eat healthy and we don’t always want to move our bodies. It is all normal. I really don’t like how much shame is put on girls and women to live up to unrealistic standards. I am a massive advocate in my girls knowing that they are not always meant to feel good, and that is ok not to be ok”.

How do you empower and uplift women in general to radiate their inner beauty and feel more confident with themselves?

“To uplift yourself my magic pill is to go out into nature and come back to your senses. What can you see, smell, hear, feel and taste? This mindfulness tool puts us into a part of our brain that help us be in the moment without judgement or comparison and that is empowering. From that space they can choose to be kind to themselves”

Kricket believes that when we are compassionate with ourselves and those around us that energy radiates out.

“Another beautiful feeling that shines out of someone like sunbeams is gratitude. Shifting to a space of gratitude changes the chemical make up in our bodies, we see, feel and experience things differently, including ourselves”.

Are you passionate about women’s empowerment and gender equality? Why is this important to you? 

“Wholeheartedly! Anyone whose voice or choice is taken away from them is where my passion lies. I admire anyone who uses their platform to put themselves out there for those who are discriminated against. So, for that I thank you Secret Sisterhood”.

Which people inspire you and why? Any woman in particular?

“So many. People like Brene Brown. She has put herself out there educating people on the importance of vulnerability and courage. She shares her truth for others to feel empowered and I admire that quality enormously. Jameela Jamil is another. I love her humour and realness while addressing radical inclusivity and her revolution against shame. My friends, my sisters and my mum. All woman who are trying to do their best each day. I have to finish with my clients. I admire them immensely”.

If you could tell anything to all the women out there, what would this be?

“To be there for themselves and each other. To trust in who they are, as they are and to be themselves fearlessly”.