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Need some gift ideas for this holiday season? Below we have included our favourite Secret Sisterhood jewellery pieces that would make the perfect gift for a special Sister.

Secret Sisterhood Friendship Necklaces
Have a special sister in your life? Gift a beautiful necklace to that special person with one of our Secret Sisterhood friendship necklace bundles! Our friendship necklace bundles come in a butterfly, star or heart design all of which are perfect to adorn if you are a fan of beautiful minimalistic jewellery. Of the few designs, the butterfly motif symbolises being feminine and free whilst also being highly symbolic of the beauty of transformation. The heart motif represents the ongoing cycle of love and generosity given by women and shared to other women around the world. The star motif is symbolic of the power, beauty and brightness of our Sisters supporting and uplifting other women. Purchase one of our bundles today for A$119.00 (with complimentary shipping) to receive two coordinating necklaces in gold, silver or rose gold over sterling silver- one for you and another ready to gift to your special Sister for Christmas!

Secret Sisterhood Symbol Necklaces
Want to opt in on a meaningful and special mission? Here at Secret Sisterhood, we’re trying to grow and foster our community of Sisters that are empowered by furthering our Sisterhood Movement. What is this you might wonder? Our Sisterhood Movement is driven by the mission of uniting women and girls together so that we can eliminate gender inequality and empower other Sisters globally. We do this by donating 100% of our profits from our beautiful jewellery to women’s causes and charities worldwide. One of our bestselling jewellery pieces is the Secret Sisterhood symbol necklace as it is one of a kind and represents our growing community. Our Secret Sisterhood symbol is characterised by love, unity and femininity. At just A$79.00 (with complimentary shipping) you get to adorn a beautiful, minimalistic piece of jewellery whilst knowing that 100% of profits goes towards ending gender inequality. Get one for yourself today or one for someone special this Christmas to spread the message and movement to another Sister!

Birthstone Crystal Necklaces
Our Secret Sisterhood Birthstone necklaces are the perfect gift this holiday season to add that personal touch with the meaningful birthstones elegantly incorporated into our necklaces. For our December babies, the December birthstone features the beautiful tanzanite crystal which is said to foster the mind, heart and soul connection along with powers of self awakening. Browse our expansive birthstone collection today to gift to yourself or someone special this Christmas. A hot tip would be to write a thoughtful card about their birthstone, what makes them special and how you think these qualities are what makes them so special. Shop our birthstone collection at just A$89.00 (with complimentary shipping) as the perfect Christmas present under $100, knowing that 100% of these profits goes towards women’s charities and causes worldwide. 

Gifts under $60.00
Looking for creative Christmas stocking presents? We have an expansive range of earrings and rings under A$60 in our Secret Sisterhood symbol in gold, rose gold or silver. These are perfect as a treat this holiday season, guaranteed to be a crowd favourite due to its versatility and special meaning. 

Gifts under $10.00
Our compliment cards are the perfect gift for A$9.95 that contains a collection of 20 different compliments you can recite to yourself or give them away. They’re perfect to give away by leaving one in each gift you pack for Christmas as each card features a fun compliment perfect to suit every situation. Spread the love this Christmas through beautiful compliments such as ‘Keep going because you are amazing!’ and more!