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In the lead up to Mother’s Day, on Sunday the 8th of May, take the time to think about what your mum really means to you. 
“Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.” – Unknown
‘Mum’ is an irreplicable title 
In the world, there are millions of women whom someone out there calls their mum. But there is one great difference between all these women and the one you call mum – this one is yours. 
Probably the best way to explain the meaning of the title ‘mum’ is to talk about how irreplaceable a mum is. A universal experience and rite of passage for a young child is the situation where you inevitably lose track of your mother in the grocery story. Young and curious, you may have wandered a little too far and stared at those delicious chocolate chip cookies for a minute too long. Then heaven-behold, your mother is no longer in sight. You start calling her name, and we are not talking about the legal one on her passport, we are talking about the truest title she owns – mum. Maybe some other women turn their heads, but it doesn’t matter as the tears begin to stream down your cheeks, because they are not your mum. Finally, she calls your name, she has been looking for you too. You found her. Your mum. 
“All that I am, or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.” – Abraham Lincoln
Show her what she means to you 365 days a year, she is a mum. Sometimes this is a fact that too often goes forgotten, but with Mother’s Day is just around the corner, this is a time when you can really show her what she means to you. This is something that may seem a little daunting, her love is unconditional and intangible – but she deserves the best. We all know shopping for Mother’s Day gifts can be hard when she deserves the world, and you can only afford a candle. 
So here at Secret Sisterhood, we thought we would help by compiling a list of things that shows your mum how much you care:
  1. For the sentimental mum: Write it down – too often we forget to tell our mums how much we love and appreciate them. By writing it down, she has a forever memory and even if we forget to tell her enough, she knows we love her. 
  2. For the mum who wants to make a difference: Buy your mum a gift that gives back to the community. Through buying your mum a piece of beautiful jewellery from Secret Sisterhood, 100% of the profits will be distributed back to women’s charities. 
  3. For the busy mum: Organise one special day where you get to spend quality time with her. It could be anything from a day of adventuring, to ordering takeout and watching a movie. It means so much to show you care. 
For the nostalgic mum: Spend the day looking through old photo albums. Reminisce on your childhood and even ask her about her own mum. There is nothing better than laughing about the good times and crying about the bad, all with your mum by your side. 
By: Shelbi