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Friendship is a very meaningful and special thing to have in life. Friendships bring happiness, have a huge impact on our mental health and bring comfort and joy, preventing loneliness and isolation. Galentine’s day is our day to celebrate and appreciate all friendships around the world!

 At the Secret Sisterhood our mission is to provide a supportive and uplifting community for women and girls, and we want to celebrate this through Galentine’s Day! To do so, we have created a list of possible activities and ideas that you can use to celebrate Galentine’s Day with us and your friends/family!

  1. Gift Something Beautiful

What better way to celebrate the women in your life then gifting them with a beautiful Secret Sisterhood jewellery piece! Each piece represents women’s empowerment so it is the perfect reminder of just how much they mean to you. It is also a gift that keeps on giving with 100% of profits given to women’s charities.


  1. Outdoor Movie Cinemas

These are seriously underrated! Could not recommend these more. Watch a movie outdoors with your friends, bring a bottle (or two) of wine, along with a DIY cheese board or takeaway pizzas for a wholesome night.


  1. Yoga/Pilates/Meditation

The benefits of all three are insanely good for you – improves strength and mindfulness, reduces stress, and loads more. A perfect way to recentre yourself and fill your Galentine’s Day with energy and a brighter mood. Do a class with a friend or two and grab a coffee afterwards!


  1. Friend Group Date Nights

Join your friends, and head out for drinks and a delicious dinner! Treat yourself and celebrate Galentine’s day! Find a local restaurant for you and your friends to dine out, or head someone unique that you haven’t been before. Whatever cuisine it is, catching up for a great night with your best friends is all you need!


  1. At Home Self-Care

If you love the idea of having dinner with friends but cannot be bothered to go out, then listen up! You and your bestie (more the merrier) share a cheese board and wine AT HOME, in your comfiest pyjamas, whilst wearing a clay mask. No better way to catch up and debrief on your lives then having a wine in one hand, cheese and crackers in the other, and a soothing face mask to cleanse your skin. Watch a movie, sit back, and relax.


Wishing you the best Galentine’s Day!



The Secret Sisterhood