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Need some Christmas gift ideas? We’ve got you sorted!

As we all know, Christmas is fast approaching and at Secret Sisterhood, we love this time of year! At Secret Sisterhood, we create beautiful jewellery pieces that are great gifts for your loved ones this holiday season. Today, we also want to share some other great gift ideas that are created by amazing women-led brands. 

So it’s time to get festive! Here is a list of 5 women-led companies with beautiful gifts.

Coming in at number 1 we, of course, have the Secret Sisterhood jewellery line. At Secret Sisterhood it is our mission to empower women around the world of all ages. It is so important that we are able to spread our goal of solidarity through our jewellery, as we would love women everywhere to own at least one Sisterhood piece, so we can connect every woman, girl and child, together through feminine solidarity. Our jewellery is made to inspire those around us and connect one another. With 100% of all profits, going to women’s causes, you know you are shopping for good. Our jewellery is made with the finest materials that are strong and resilient, much like the women who purchase them. We carry a range of different styles, fits, colours and designs to suit every sister. We aim for our profits to reach global heights, funding underprivileged communities and empowering women to start their own businesses and support their families. Our goal is to end gender inequality around the world and connect women together through our sisterhood symbols. Our jewellery makes a great gift for the beautiful women in your life, so take a look and explore our site here!

Coming in at number 2 we have The Little Market, a nonprofit company founded by women to empower women. This company was founded by Lauren Conrad and Hannah Skvarla, two women who sought to empower others through handmade products, decor and fair trade. They sell an extensive range of products on their site such as: candles, homewares, dining-wares, accessories and gifts. This is a great company to support this holiday season, as each purchase supports a global artisan brand and partner, generating meaningful and stable income for artisans around the world. This enables and empowers women to support their families whilst pursuing their trade. As well as all of this, The Little Market works to improve quality of life for their partners, providing health programmes, training and literacy workshops. Sound like a business you want to support this Christmas? explore the link below and find the perfect gift for your loved ones this year and support an empowering women’s business!

Number 3 on our list is GoldieBlox. Stuck on what to get your daughter, niece or sister this Christmas? GoldieBlox may be just that. This gift is great for those younger women around us, as it is designed to inspire them. Founder and creator, Debbie Sterling, has crafted a children’s media company that challenges gender stereotypes and empowers young girls. With a strong focus on stem principles, (science, technology, engineering and math.) The Goldieblox franchise has videos, books, apps, games and activities that get young women interested in STEM principles. Steering away from stereotypical gender roles that are created for young girls, kids are able to play with crystal growing kits or join a curiosity camp. With the main character of the brand being one of the first female engineers. These activity packs are a great way to empower young girls and steer them away from gender stereotypes at such a young age. interested in Goldieblox? Explore it here!

Number 4 on the Christmas list is The Honest Company. This is a great gift idea to those who love skincare, beauty and healthcare. Co-founded by Jessica Alba, The Honest Company is a sustainable and ethical company dedicated to beauty and healthcare. With all of their products being non-toxic, affordable and completely natural, it is a socially and environmentally conscious brand. The Honest Company is a female-led establishment that gives back to its customers and community, by donating resources and profit funds to children, families and women in need. This company empowers women by supporting their needs and donating essentials. Check out the honest company here!

Last, but certainly not least on our Christmas list, this year is Armadillo & Co. These gifts are perfect if you’re looking to purchase homewares this holiday season. They specialise in creating unique rugs and sustainably employ women in India to make them using traditional techniques and materials. All of the methods, practices and fibres used within the rug-making are sustainable. This brand has a strong focus on environmentally and socially conscious design. They aim to give back to many communities through their profits and have a strong emphasis on women’s empowerment and social responsibility. Five dollars from every purchase at Armadillo & Co is given to women’s charities, the creators have also created a non for profit organisation which seeks to improve underprivileged communities. Their funds also go towards supplying things like uniforms and salaries for schools in India. Supporting a socially and ethically responsible company this Christmas is a great way to expand your reach around the world and give back to many communities. Armadillo & Co is not only a charitable company but also has many great gift ideas for your loved ones this year!

By: Ella Hailey