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You can still celebrate Mother’s Day with your Mum, even though you are far apart. Below are some of our creative tips!

Grab some cake and have a Zoom call!

Since Covid-19 we have become all too familiar with the concept of video calling and those awkward slow connection moments (yikes!). However, for Mother’s Day it can be used as a nice tool to see our loved one’s face to face. To make your Mother’s Day Zoom call extra special, cook or buy your mum’s favourite meal or dessert that you can share together on the call because, who doesn’t love eating on Mother’s Day?

Have a virtual slumber party!

Can’t celebrate Mother’s Day in the daytime? Not to worry. You can celebrate in the evening by having a mother and daughter virtual slumber party! All you have to do is pre-plan a time to call, pick your mum’s favourite film and jump into some cute PJ’s 

The hardest part of this slumber party is getting the timing right when playing the films at the same time as each other. The last thing you want is for you and your mum to be watching totally different scenes (yikes!). However this can be easily fixed through streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, that offer a party feature where you can create a party link or chatroom, that allows you to invite friends. All that’s left is for you and your mum to grab some buttery popcorn and you’re all good to go!

Send her her favourite flowers, chocolate, wine or a special piece from our Secret Sisterhood jewellery range. 

Sending your mum a pretty bunch of flowers and some tasty chocolate never gets old. The go-to place for these services is EasyFlowers, an online floristry service that delivers flowers, wine and chocolate packages to your loved one’s door within Australia. There is a wide selection of flowers to pick from and the price point ranges from $30 to $100, so how much you spend is up to you! 

Why not send a Secret Sisterhood jewellery piece along with the package? All our profits made from the jewellery are given back to women’s causes that fight for gender equality. So as well as giving your mum a beautiful gift, you are also improving the lives of women around the world. It’s a win-win!

Visit your mum’s favourite place

What better way to spend Mother’s Day than by visiting your mum’s favourite place. This could be your mum’s favourite cafe, art museum or park. Wherever the place is, make sure to take some selfies and pictures to send to your Mum so that she feels she is there with you!

Send her a personalised card with your favourite childhood photo. 

Mother’s Day is a time to get out the old, dusty childhood photo books and reminisce on those joyous, and also embarrassing moments with your family. With your mum being far away, you can still do this by sending her a childhood photo that is a reflection of a happy moment between the two of you. To make your childhood photo even more special, why not make a card out of it? If hand-made activities are not for you, you can also make a digital version. Your personalised card will definitely be a beautiful gift for your Mum over Mother’s Day!