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I’m sure you’re aware of the wonderful movement among women to empower one another – women all over the world have been uplifting each other with posts and quotes on social media and that’s what were all about here at Secret Sisterhood. But, mind you, there is always more we can do and changes we can make at home and in our everyday to further this movement. 
Are you wondering how you as an individual can help sustain the momentum around women’s empowerment and make a difference to women around you? We’ve created 5 different ways you can do this, so read on!  
1.Shut down negativity 

Often as women we are constantly exposed and compared to unrealistic standards of beauty in various types of media – be it magazines, movies and mostly importantly – social media. Because of this it’s very easy for women to not appreciate their own unique beauty and compare themselves to photoshopped, facetuned or whatever else they see on their screens. Although lately both men and women have felt more inclined and comfortable to express themselves on social media, negativity hasn’t exactly halted. 
Lift women up by taking a stance against negative comments online, remind each other of your beauty and how easy it is to alter a specific appearance. Combat negativity by promoting body positivity, intelligence and authenticity. Follow those on social media that showcase all body types and aren’t afraid to be authentically themselves. Don’t be scared to completely shut down negativity, because trust me, your fellow Sisterhood will appreciate it.
2. Show your appreciation for for women in your life – gift Secret Sisterhood jewellery 
At Secret Sisterhood, 100% of profits from our jewellery are given to women’s empowerment networks and charities. This makes for a perfect gift for a special lady in your life you feel like spoiling them. It’s an incredible feeling knowing that you have directly made an impact on a women’s life, whether it be with:
  • The Hunger Project (Working to break the cycle of poverty and hunger)
  • Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (Improving the lives of women with ovarian cancer)
  • KIT International (Focuses on newborn and maternal health internationally)
  • The Cova Project (Provides safe sanitary care across Africa)
  • Pink Hope (Preventative health hub for breast and ovarian cancer)
  • Share the Dignity (Helping to end period poverty in Australia)
  • … and much more!
3.Gift a special woman in your life a compliment card 
Not only can you purchase beautiful Secret Sisterhood jewellery pieces, but you can truly make someone’s day with our compliment cards. If you didn’t know, compliments can really do wonders – both for the givers and the receivers. Compliments build confidence, it sparks creativity, builds trust, and even benefits the giver. You’ll feel better because of the positive impact you provided, it’ll increase your own confidence because it got you out your comfort zone and you’ll grow from thinking on your feet. All of this leads to a greater positive mindset and for yourself and others. 
4.Boost her self-esteem

As the saying goes – empowered women empower women. So do just that! Encourage the women around you to speak up and understand the value of their opinions, so they’re never afraid to use their voice. If you have a daughter – make sure to celebrate her self-expression from a young age. There isn’t one way or a right way to dress, encourage her to be herself and wear what she feels the most comfortable in. Fashion isn’t the only way to express yourself either, you can encourage and support all her interests wholeheartedly – whether it be sports, drama, coding or band. 
5. Advocate for fellow female coworkers
Unfortunately, women are still fighting for their rights in the workplace even though more women are attending and graduating from University, and more are in leadership roles than ever before.
What can you do? Be an advocate for your female colleagues. Let’s say you see them experiencing unfair treatment in a meeting or on a paycheck, say something, back them up. It’s crucial that we have each other’s backs, support each other and work together to empower one and another in the workforce. Let’s work together as a positive and powerful team – and we’ll be sure to make things move.
Written by: Georgia